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Signs that your spouse may be losing interest

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2022 | Divorce |

In a lot of divorce cases, both people will admit that nothing dramatic really happened to end the marriage. They just drifted apart over time and lost interest.

In some cases, the other spouse is very surprised to learn about this loss of interest. They thought things were fine. How can you tell if it’s happening in your marriage?

Your spouse makes excuses to stay at work

Often, the lack of interest is reflected in simply spending less time together. If your spouse used to happily get home at five every day and now constantly says they have to stay late, it could be that they would just rather be at work than come home and be together.

They start spending more time with other friends

Similarly, your spouse might start to spend more time with friends or even other family members than with you. It’s not bad to have friendships outside of the relationship, but prioritizing them too much can mean that the relationship is fading.

Physical intimacy declines

All relationships go through peaks and valleys when it comes to physical intimacy, but a long-term decline could show you that something is off in the relationship. People will often say that their partner started feeling like a roommate. They no longer felt like a couple who were emotionally connected, but like two individuals who just happened to be living in the same house.

They seem to make everything into a disagreement

Whether you’re talking about what to have for dinner or where to go on vacation or just what outfit to wear, you may notice that your spouse seems to want to argue all the time. This could be because they’re not feeling as romantically close to you. If you feel like they’re moody all the time, it could mean they’re just unhappy.

You don’t talk about the future

Couples will often talk about their plans for the future when there’s no end in sight. It could be as simple as talking about where to go on a road trip or as complex as talking about having a child. But if you don’t talk about anything that’s going to happen in the future, that could mean that your spouse has already decided that there isn’t going to be a future for the two of you together.

What if you see the signs?

These red flags certainly don’t guarantee divorce, but they could mean it’s coming. Learn as much as you can about your legal options.