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What is a co-parenting app?

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2023 | Divorce |

There are apps for just about everything these days, and divorce is no exception. One type of particular use is co-parenting apps.

Their purpose is to facilitate better communication between divorced or divorcing parents. Communicating is often a massive problem, leading to parents and children suffering.

Here’s an example

The school sends a message when your child is with you that school will finish early next Friday. You make a mental note to mention it to your co-parent, as your child will be with them that day. However, you hate the thought of picking up the phone and speaking to them, so you put it off and eventually forget.

Come Friday, your child is left standing at the school gate in tears, waiting for your co-parent to pick them up. When the school calls the other parent, they jump in the car to pick up the child. Then they dial you and claim you withheld the information on purpose to make them look bad in front of the child and teachers.

Those little mistakes are easy to make if you do not have a functional means of communication. A parenting app allows both parents, and perhaps even the child themselves, to enter information so that everyone can see. Think of it as a shared calendar with bells and whistles.

You, as parents, can also message each other through it but can control when you see those messages, to avoid interrupting each other’s lives at inopportune moments.

You can also upload copies of documents, such as health insurance, so that you both have immediate access to them in an emergency and can get your child the services they need.

Getting help to collaborate on your divorce will set you on the right path to better communication as co-parents. It might even preclude the need for an app altogether.